The 6th documentary/第六部纪录片

"The Sixth Documentary" is a documentary film that stands out from previous works due to its unique approach of delving deep into the analysis of characters and interpersonal relationships. By employing a significant amount of repetitive scenes, such as making dumplings, family gatherings, and toasts, the film cuts these scenes into fleeting fragments rather than a cohesive narrative. This itself is filled with content and meaning. Countless everyday scenes and this editing technique present the concept of a documentary as perceived by the artist, revealing the connection between visuals and storytelling and uncovering character traits and interpersonal dynamics through details.

In the film, linear time editing intertwines with the presentation of character stories, providing a comprehensive portrayal of their images, personalities, and relationships. The documentary extensively examines the interplay and influence of family culture, as well as the impact of the nuclear family on individuals and communities. The film may create significant psychological contrasts between different segments for the audience, but this is part of life and a manifestation of the artist's understanding of life through art.

Through the lens of the documentary, viewers gain an in-depth understanding of the characters themselves and the analysis and impact of ubiquitous interpersonal relationships. Apart from the artist's mother's criticism and evaluation, the film also showcases the conflicts and arguments between the artist's parents, transforming it into a depiction of the overall environment.

Every individual's affairs seem to become significant, and the trivial matters of ordinary people are magnified, thus exploring the subtle relationship between the individual and society. "The Sixth Documentary" prompts viewers to contemplate family relationships, personal growth, and social issues through its unique editing style and profound character analysis. Based on seven years of artistic creation and research, the artist has gained a profound understanding of the adhesive nature of family relationships and hopes to reexamine the surrounding elements and open up a fresh perspective through observations and liberation depicted in the film. By delving into mundane life scenes, the documentary deeply explores the entanglement, relationships, and self-liberation of individuals and families, presenting an thought-provoking visual world for the audience.

The 6th documentary, 2022, 130 mins, film