The balloon project

The four video screenshots are all from the artist's earth artwork “the Balloon Project”. In the video, the artist places a number of black balloons on the desert island where human beings have set foot. The balloons float wildly and disorderly, which interferes with the natural presentation of objects in the picture. The artist walked into the farthest part of the island, cut off one thread after another, released the balloons in turn, and finally left the picture of the desert island.

The artist used the black balloon as a metaphor for a kind of behavior: the destruction of nature due to human desire is like a malignant tumor corrupting the whole nature. The artist used scissors to cut the thread in an effort to make the island look clean. However, looking up to the sky, the malignant tumors just changed a position, from one position to another place.

“The Balloon Project” aims to satirize and question the relationship between human civilization and nature. The building in the distance is the velodrome for the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, under construction. The work was created in Hangzhou, Qiandao Lake.

*This project is supported by Nature+ Residency Program, and sponsored by CAMP SPACE.

The Balloon Project, 2020, 4'35'', performance, 38 Helium-filled balloons, string, wood blocks




*项目支持:自然与驻留项目     项目赞助:侃谱空间