The work "Selling Flowers - Freely Matching Bouquets at Independent Pricing and Payment" is a work completed by the artist during his residency at Hangzhou By Art Matters Tianmuli Art Museum.

In this residency program, Jiang Jiaxin continues "Selling Sugar—Exchange You a Story with a Syrup, Lightwell Gallery, 2015, Norman, United States", "Selling Food—Northeast China Rice Bun and Cantonese-style Banya Soup, Postgraduate Studio Exhibition Space, 2016, Norman, United States “ works Series. And he brings "Selling Flowers - Freely Matching Bouquets with Independent Pricing and Payment, By Art Matters Tianmuli Art Museum Square Area, 2022, Hangzhou, China" in front of the audience. Rather than calling these works performance art, the artist prefers to call these series conceptual art. In addition to the behavioral interactions that the audience can see or come into contact with, the interaction and communication between the artist and the audience in the entire flower selling project, including language, demeanor, and the experience of co-creation are immediately regarded as works of art at the beginning of their production. This kind of conceptual artistic creation cannot be truly recorded, and in the process of dialogue, it is also a natural process from which the artwork appears and disappears.

Due to the requirements of this project, the artist needs to freely move and create within the scope of Tianmuli within a limited period of 7 days, focusing on the concept of "nearby scenery". Based on this feature of this project, in the interaction and communication with the audience, the artist did not take the initiative to guide the audience to think about art issues, but instead enjoyed the time and experience here, and was guided by audiences from all walks of life. This work, together with the artist, build a strange and interesting experience about flowers, emotions, careers and life.


在本次驻留计划中,姜佳鑫延续了“卖糖——用一个糖稀交换你一个故事,Lightwell画廊,2015,诺曼,美国“、”卖食物——中国东北饭包和广式板鸭汤,研究生工作室展览空间,2016,诺曼,美国“作品系列,将”卖花——自由搭配花束自主定价付费,抽象艺术,天目里美术馆广场区域,2022,杭州,中国“作品呈现在观众面前。与其称这些作品为行为艺术作品(Performance Art),艺术家更想称作这些系列为抽象的艺术作品,观念艺术(Conceptural Art)。除了观众可以看到的或者接触到的当时的行为互动之外,整个卖花项目中的艺术家和观众的互动、交流,包括语言、神态、共同创造的经历在产生之初即刻被视为艺术作品。这种抽象的艺术创作无法被真正的记录下来,在对话过程中,也是该艺术作品出现到消失的自然过程。


The interview after the Pop-in Residency, “The Nearby Scenery", hosted by By Art Matters Tianmuli Art Museum/关于项目的采访