The "Big Flower Basket" series represents a new creation distinct from the A Comic Book of America series. The inspiration for this series comes from iconic urban landmarks found throughout various cities in China. Starting from 2019, as I engaged in exhibitions and social art activities, I embarked on a new round of travels across different regions of China. While conducting on-site observations, reflections, and documentation of the current social and human environments in China, I came across a fascinating phenomenon.

In many cities, particularly in the squares, there exist landmark giant flower basket structures. These flower baskets, illuminated by the strong sunlight during the day and bright lights at night, exude radiance and vitality, captivating observers. The composition of these flower baskets shares common elements: red bases, flower pots, and trays filled with brightly colored flowers, sometimes surrounded by vivid real flowers. The trays are adorned with extremely vibrant giant flowers, and in some regions, local fruits or fruits symbolizing traditional Chinese meanings are also incorporated.

The entire big flower basket is vibrant, lively, and full of vigor. In traditional Chinese culture, similar flower baskets are typically used to visit hospital patients, conveying wishes for their speedy recovery, or in opening ceremonies to wish for prosperity in business ventures. When I encountered these giant flower basket sculptures, especially on fine weather days, they were often surrounded by crowds of people eager to take photos with them. Initially, I thought these flower basket sculptures were established to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2019, and were a nationwide social phenomenon. However, even now, these flower baskets continue to serve as iconic architectural landmarks in various cities.

The events following the 2020 pandemic made me personally realize the ironic significance behind these big flower baskets. While their existence primarily symbolizes expressions of love for the motherland, hopes for the nation's prosperity and strength, and pursuits of peace and development, the stark reality reveals widening wealth disparities and the struggles many face for survival. A sense of resignation, aimlessness, hedonism, and various misguided sentiments of resentment continue to permeate through the younger generation. In my creative process, I transform these big flower basket sculptures into my own imagery, integrating them with local landscapes or representative buildings, scrutinizing them within the same frame as a portrait.