2020 II/2020(下)

The clips in the documentary “2020 (Part 2)” are still derived from the clips taken by the artist in his family's daily life during the Chinese New Year in 2020. With the increase of experience and more understanding of cultural and identity issues, the artist embraces more patience and curiosity, and cherish this short New Year time with his family. The segmented records in the film present a lifelike story. These fragments of life without a coherent plot are connected by emotions, things, and time and space. There are even much information that is not revealed, which leaves the audience more curiosity to explore and discover in future documentaries.

In “2020 (Part 2)”, the clips seem to be connected, like lines and performances deliberately designed. However, in reality, all the plots have not been arranged in advance. For example, the artist and his cousin mentioned the little white dog raised by their aunt when she was in love. The dog named "Huanhuan" was mentioned when the family went to visit the grave. When the aunt was young, she listened to tapes to learn singing and dancing. At the end of the film, the aunt suddenly untied her head strap and started to dance. All these four plots are linked together. Nevertheless, these plots, which were not known to happen during shooting, appeared in the film together. Here, the artist's interpretation and appreciation of "reality" were presented through his unique recording and editing methods.

The fourth documentary is the artist’s favorite documentary work, and meanwhile, “2020 (Part 2)” is the only documentary work of the artist that the artist has seen with his parents. When he watched this film over and over again, he felt that the whole film was shooting himself.

2020 (Part 2), 2020, 134 mins, film




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