Zhang Shuhong, Untitled, 2022, 21cm x 29.7cm, crayon on paper 

Jiang Jiaxin, Untitled, 2022, size varies, digital painting for the 8th iSTART Children's Art Festival in 2022, this work is inspired by the work of a mentally handicapped child

This product is designed especially for "2022 iSTART Children's Art Festival: The Imaginary Museum of Games" by A4ShopArt, 2022 

Copyright 2022 A4ShopArt. All rights Reserved. Special thanks to : Jiang Jiaxin, Zhang Shuhong, Design by Wu Weiyi

For more info about the event, please follow the link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/gQkW0XwccgrG-HW6WSzX0Q